Reaffirmation of Independence of the Dominion of Keithieopia

Whereas Keith declared he could run a nation better;

Whereas founding fathers Allen Price and Justin Sloan encouraged such initiative provided a Constitution and Code of Laws be formed;

Whereas Keith realized such request, founding Keithieopia in 2002 and became the first citizen;

Whereas Keithieopia was soon recognized by three other micronations;

Whereas the population of the Dominion of Keithieopia has quadrupled since it's independence; we make this delaration:


We the people of the Dominion of Keithieopia, in exercise of our right to auto-determination do reaffirm our independence under our Constitution and Code of Laws;

We recognize and establish by our will the office of the Emperor. We affirm our allegiance to the Crown, the Imperial Family, and their heirs and successors;

We mandate His Imperial Highness Emperor Keith, first citizen of Keithieopia, to sign our name on the present declaration;

We invite other nations and the larger international community to recognize Keithieopia as a sovereign and independent state.

I, Keith of Keithieopia, and by the will of the people, Emperor Keith, do voluntarily and by free exercise of my sovereignty do sign the present declaration, on the 22nd day of the month of December in the year of 2022. In the Imperial Calendar, day 26th of Keithmar 20.