In late 2022, the Dominion of Keithieopia began diplomacy with other nations and signed a number of treaties and conventions. The Dominion is always open to diplomatic communication and is open to peaceful treaties and conventions.

Listed on this page is all the treaties, conventions, and official recognitions that the Dominion is a party to.

Intermicronational Treaties and Conventions

Formal Recognition of Nations

Any country who diplomatically recognizes the Dominion is automatically recognized under Keithieopian law. Furthermore, the Dominion recognizes the following non-reciprocating nations: all United Nation countries, the Principality of Sealand, the Republic of Molossia, and Westarctica.

Proclamations of official recognition can be found here. The Dominion is very liberal with formal recognition, all nations are highly encouraged to contact the Dominion to start diplomacy.

Peoples' Constitutional Monarchy of the Arcanum of Relica
Kingdom of Salanda
The Emirate of Almajidistan
The Fesmarian Union
Kingdom of Suteria